Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Presidential Candidates & Celebrities

In The Advocate - Issue 999 December 18, 2007, an article entitled 'I'm Voting For...' by Todd Henneman is so completely lacking that I am forced to comment on it.

Thankfully I picked up the magazine for free.

The article features various (but not all!) candidates for the Democratic and Republican Party nominations. It includes some slick pictures of candidates and/or various celebrities including Billy Jean King, Steven Spielburg, Melissa Etheridge, Oprah, Jesse Jackson, Danny Glover, James Denton, Bette Midler, Tom Ford, Dennis Miller, Meg Whitman, Colin Powell, Jerry Bruckheimer, and Pat Sajak. After the name of the candidate is a list of celebrity backers sprinkled with a few quotes from a few queers (and allied) politicians and so forth.

Celebrities with presidential candidates? WHO CARES?

Where is coverage and analysis of the candidates' positions on issues, their values and their vision for our country?

Are these things unimportant to the Queer community (or communities)?

Is this the best our LGBT media can be? Is this truly representative of the kind of media we expect?


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