Tuesday, December 18, 2007

CBS/NYT - American Public Wants Out of IRAQ

The CBS/NYT poll asked, ""From what you know about the U.S. involvement in Iraq, how much longer would you be willing to have large numbers of U.S. troops remain in Iraq — less than a year, one to two years, two to five years or longer than five years?"

The poll shows that more than 50% think the United States should stay less than one year, and 75% think we should stay less than two years.

Will the politicians and the media ever catch up with the American public on the IRAQ War?
- Joey Nelson
Hat tip: Matthew Yglesias at The Atlantic.com

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Amanda said...

"the IRAQ WAR" you mean?

on the one hand i'm glad that major media outlets even shelled out the money for the poll, but the disconnect you're talking about is beyond maddening.

i certainly think it's more complicated than major media outlets being part of the same military-industrial complex with halliburton, but the consolidation of media in recent decades has been really hurtful to media-reform efforts: http://www.freepress.net/content/ownership

meanwhile, those members of the public with enough money and time to mess around on the internet and enough education or consciousness-raising to know what to look for can find out what's really going on in the world through citizen-journalist projects and blogs, which is a step forward from the last couple decades.