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March 30, 2007


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NEW YORK CITY (March 30) – 27 people were arrested yesterday during a protest demanding health care for all, single-payer national health insurance, and drug price controls in the United States. Nearly a thousand attended the protest in downtown New York City, which commemorated ACT UP’s 20th anniversary of AIDS activism and direct action.

After marching through various downtown sites, the activists converged on the “Wall Street Bull” statute in the Financial District. Chanting “No more bull! Health care for all!” the group brought out 50 body bags, symbolizing the 50 Americans who die each day due to lack of health insurance. 27 people laid down in the street in front of traffic, and were arrested by police.

The protesters met at Federal Plaza at noon Thursday and headed down Broadway. The group stopped at five sites of government and corporate power historically responsible for thousands of AIDS deaths and for the United States’ current health care crisis. At City Hall, they demanded that the city expand access to health care for all poor people and people with HIV. They stopped at Trinity Church, the site of ACT UP’s first public action 20 years ago, to remember those who died of AIDS and/or lack of health care. The crowd swelled at the New York Stock Exchange, as call-and-response chants condemned health care profiteering by insurance and health care companies. The protest concluded at the “Wall Street Bull” statue, as the fervent group observed those engaging in civil disobedience.

Contact Renna Communications for the following resources available for journalists:

(1) selection of photos from the protest today.
(2) copies of speeches by Mark Hannay, Director of Metro NY Health Care for All Campaign; Dr. Oliver Fein, New York City Chair, Physicians for a National Health Program; and Mark Milano of ACT UP.
(3) 20 year timeline of ACT UP.
(4) historic photos from 1980s AIDS protests.
(5) Larry Kramer, Oliver Fein, Ann Northrop, Mark Milano, Mark Hannay, Jennifer Flynn, and other members of ACT UP are available for interviews.

Joining ACT UP/New York for this major demonstration are sponsoring organizations ACT UP/Philadelphia, African Services Committee, Housing Works, Metro New York Health Care for All Campaign, Physicians for a National Health Program, Healthcare NOW and the New York City AIDS Housing Network.

The following organizations endorsed this action:

ACT UP/New York
ACT UP/Philadelphia
AIDS Treatment News
The American Run for the End of AIDS, Inc.
African Services Committee
Church Ladies for Choice
Columbia University Global Justice Chapter
Community HIV/AIDS Mobilization Project (CHAMP)
Fordham University Student Global AIDS Campaign Chapter
Foundation for Integrative AIDS Research (FIAR)
Gay Men's Health Crisis (GMHC)
Gill Foundation
Housing Works
Housing Works Youth Advocacy Group
Make the Road by Walking
Metro New York Health Care for All Campaign
New York Buyers' Club (NYBC)
New York City AIDS Housing Network (NYCAHN)
People of Color in Crisis
Physicians for a National Health Program - NY Metro Chapter
Positive Health Project
Positive Opportunities, Inc.
Redeemed Outreach Ministries
Special Audiences, Inc.
Workmen's Circle/Arbeter Ring

ACT UP, the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power, was founded in March, 1987. ACT UP is a diverse, non-partisan group of individuals united in anger and committed to direct action to end the AIDS crisis. For more info, visit


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