Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Viewpoint From A Queer Tel Aviv Activist - On the Recent Shootings & Current Conditions in Israel

On Saturday, August 1st 2009, a murder rooted in homophobia and hatred occurred. This murder is a direct result of the violence in Israeli society.

During an outburst of unity we, activists from various pink communities, want to say that we are afraid.

We are afraid to live in a militant and violent society, which oppresses basic human rights of the different communities that live along side of it;

A society where hatred and homophobia became transparent; A society that allows this homophobia in its conducts and values;

A society in which we have to hide that we are afraid.

Israel is presented around the world as a democracy of freedom and equality, and the gay community is brought as an example of it. We do not want to take part in this dangerous illusion.

We call for a substantial change in the social agenda, one that does not talk about acceptance through similarity and belonging to the consensus, but rather through acceptance of all the different shades in society.

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Comments by Ishai Mishory
Pink Coalition, Tel Aviv, Israel
Take Back the Night March - 08.06.2009
Hahashmal Garden, Tel Aviv, Israel


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