Monday, March 30, 2009

DROP the ROCK - Take Action Now

From New York Civil Liberties Union

We are now hours away from historic reform of our state’s draconian Rockefeller Drug Laws...but we need your help in the next 36 hours help make this victory for justice a reality.

Over the weekend, Governor Paterson and leaders in the state senate and assembly finalized an agreement to restore judges’ ability to sentence non-violent, low level drug offenders to rehabilitation instead of jail and provide resources for treatment as part of the state budget. Our elected officials must vote on that budget by Wednesday.

And we know that the vote in the State Senate will be very close.

Give these lawmakers a call urging them to pass the Rockefeller reform legislation:
Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith: (518) 455-2701
Senator Craig Johnson (Nassau County): (518) 455-2622
Senator Jeff Klein (North Bronx, Westchester County): 518-455-3595
Senator Bill Stachowski (Buffalo, Erie County): (518) 455-2426
Senator Darrel Aubertine (Oswego, Jefferson, St. Lawrence counties): 518-455-2761

We’re hours away. Let’s bring it home.

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