Monday, January 26, 2009

Press Accounts of False Arrests of Gay Men for Prostitution

The issue of entrapment/false arrests has been a source of outrage since it was brought to light by the press in October 2008.

On January 15, Queer Justice League along with the LGBT Center, the Anti-Violence Project, Urban Justice Center and others cosponsored a TOWN MEETING.

A followup meeting has been planned to develop actions in response to these arrests and other related matters.

Entrapped by Duncan Osborne GAY CITY NEWS 10/30/2008

Shuttering Porn Shops, City Fakes Arrests by Duncan Osborne GAY CITY NEWS 12/03/2008

Community Mobilizes Over False Prostitution Arrests at Video Stores by Paul Schindler GAY CITY NEWS 01/16/2009

Five More Prostitution Busts IDed in Chelsea Video Store by Duncan Osborne GAY CITY NEWS 01/22/2009

The Rotten Business of Entrapment Letter to the Editor by Robert Leuze Gay City News 11/06/2008

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