Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A proposed agenda for Thursday's mtg! r. fureigh

This is a repost of an email sent to the QJL listserv

Feedback can be sent by email to

Hey all,

Remember that e-mail a while back calling for folks to coordinate the
first QJL (*official name yet to be determined) meeting? Well, a few
folks met earlier today and drafted the skeleton of an agenda for
Thursday's meeting (see below).

Please feel free to suggest changes even if you can't make it to the meeting.

Also! It'd be great to have a diverse lineup of facilitators, yeah? If
you're interested in helping facilitate, let us all know! (E-mail the
listserv and arrive closer to 7:00 if possible.)

THURSDAY. 7:30–9PM. THE CENTER. See you there!**


** With all due respect to persons not located in New York or
otherwise unable to attend.

– Intro/welcome

– Ground rules

– Background

– What are the big questions? Which of these are top priorities and
doable in this meeting?

– Talk about them! (probably in small groups)

– Debrief/discussion as a big group

– Wrap-up and next meeting


katie said...

is this blog going to be open for a forum of discussions?

Ben said...

former grassroots organizer turned pr media flack turned union communications specialist new to nyc from dc, interested in getting involved. can't make it to tomorrow's meeting but want more info. email me? dcroussel1@yahoo.com