Wednesday, March 14, 2007

MP3 of Larry Kramer's March 13 speech re: 20th anniversary of ACT UP

Audio for Larry's speech was recorded by John Riley of ACT UP and Out FM and is posted at :

Specifications from John: You can download it by right clicking and
saving or listen to it stream with a left click. It misses one
sentence when I was changing tapes. It's about 60 minutes long and
takes up 25 Megabytes of space.


Roli said...

Thanks very much for this. Many memories from struggles that must never be forgotten. "Doesn't anything make anyone angry?" We have become so complacent, or jaded, our anger co-opted, made fashionable, parodied, cool, everything slick and glossy, no more roughness, no more passion. Perhaps this will herald a change.

Gabriel said...

Larry, I love you for telling the truth even if it hurts. Nunca debemos olvidar el pasado aunque en el presente nos sentamos seguros.