Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Momentum Builds at Mobilization for Metro NY Meeting at LGBT Center

NYC LGBT Community REVS UP for March On Washington –OCTOBER 10-11, 2009

Diversity was the hallmark as a remarkable group of activists, from high school students to veterans of the famous ACT-UP Cathedral days, and everyone in between, joined in coalition to deliver NYC to DC on October 10-11th.

After affirming the purpose – Full Equality Now -- news was delivered about the flurry of buses already organized with r/t options starting at $20, and others with hotel packages. Participants then swung into action to coordinate a range of activities including media, flyering, fundraising, and organizational outreach. The mood was exhilarating as strangers leaped to coordinate cross-organizationally.

A highlight was the unveiling of a new banner by Gilbert Baker - the originator of the Rainbow Flag – that captured the spirit: Equal « Justice « Under « Law. Drawn from the west pediment of the Supreme Court Building – but derived originally from the 14th Amendment – this Constitutional Principle is the movement’s greatest legal promise, and the activists holding it – the next great political force.

A new website – – is being launched any moment with all the information needed to launch from NY and arrive in DC fully prepared to deliver the demand for Full Equality Now! There are opportunities for everyone to plug in – this is a grassroots revolution – by the busloads. Come check it out and join the March at

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